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Louisiana Webs of Hope - Raising Awareness of Childhood Cancer

This is a serious blog, please read the whole post of this very important matter.


I have gotten to know a very wonderful lady by the name of Dawn. She is the creator of It is her passion to spread the word and give support to parents in Louisiana that have children suffering from Cancer. Sometimes just knowing that they have a shoulder to cry on and a support system can help ease a family's pain, if for just a moment. Please help support Dawn in her crusade against this awful disease. She hopes to one day start an organization in the name of a very special young boy by the name of Meechie Robinson that she came to know, who tragically lost his battle to Cancer. Though he is gone his memory lives on and those that love him continue the fight for a cure. please read more this courageous young man in her bio.

Childhood Cancer has been on the rise the past decade and there are some disturbing probabilities including environmental factors, such as pollutants tap water and radiation in the home emitted by electrical appliances.

I came across an interesting article in Medical News Today, discussing the rise of Cancer in children.


Dawn's Bio:
I was born second in a family of eight children and well u can imagine how often we went to the Dr. Well, one day when I was a little girl say round 6 or so I can remember going to the Dr. to get my vaccines. There was a Nurse there to give the to me named Mrs. Bonnie. She told me to look at the beautiful bluebird on the ceiling and pop there she went with the needle into my arm...and guess what??? It didn't hurt. I was amazed ever since and she was my Idol..I wanted to be just like her. So therefore, that is why I became a Nurse. I love taking care of people It is my passion. You can ask anyone I know and they will tell ya...Dawn is the care giver. It's in my bones. I have been a Nurse since 1993. Wow, it seems like yesterday!
I suppose it was about 4 years ago I was surfing the net and myspace and I came across a page I fell in love with called Kids Cancer Crusade. I got to know the girl who ran it and begged her to help in some sort of she let me update some of the kids pages on there...this is how I came to know the real meaning of what it is like to have a child that has cancer. Let me tell u guys....these are some of the strongest lil people you will ever meet in your lifetime. I kept up with this for about 2 years. I decided in those 2 years that that wasn't quite enough I wanted to do more so I had a benefit each year for them and collected toys and stamps and games and pajamas and hats and books....anything you could think of to keep these lil people happy when they were in the hospital for a long stay or when it was there birthday or some other special occasion. I even got to visit one of the children and low and behold you know I fell in love with them. I visited him a couple times and Unfortunately the last time I visited him was at his poor lil funeral. He was just about to make 8 and we had a huge birthday celebration planned for him but he decided it was better to share that experience with God up in Heaven looking down upon us all. Oh how it was a sad lil funeral..He wanted to be a policeman when he grew up so their were honorary policeman standing there at his lil coffin and changing guard every half hour on the hour. It was beautiful. So to make a long story short , Meechie's mom, that was his name, and I decided we were going to make an honorary site for him and hopefully one day make an organization for childhood cancer just like the Susan B. Coleman foundation for Breast Cancer.

Meechie Robinson

*You recently started Louisiana webs of Hope, ...please tell us more about your site and how people can get involved?
Well the site is mainly a site for children from Louisiana who have developed some sort of cancer and are or have gone through the treatments and trials and tribulations of therapy. This site is also a site for awareness and knowledge to keep people aware of the fact that Childhood Cancer is still the LEAST FUNDED Cancer of all the cancers in the world. These are our children...this could be your child...they are our future and we need to keep them alive and healthy to prosper and enjoy their lives!
I suppose the best way to get involved would be to go to my candle site and buy a sixteen ounce candle due to the fact that these are the ones that part of the proceeds goes to the children on the cancer website.
Now with that said, I also take donations at my home such as, new toys, books, dvds, pajamas, silly socks(talk of the hospital the sillier ther, hats( or their cold little heads), and stamps to mails these packages to them.
You can also go to the Lawebsofhope site and click on each child's page and their is a link to their care page there...if you go to their carepage you can leave them encouraging messages...but remember...some of these children have passed on to the next life so you may be speaking to their families....they too still NEED support!!!

*Can people from other states get involved as well?

Most definitely...anyone can get involved from anywhere...we are not limited to who gets a matter of fact I may talk to the other host and see if we can branch out a bit! ;-)

*What was the defining moment when you decided that you wanted to dedicate yourself to helping children with cancer and to raise awareness?
I have always wanted to work in Oncology (Cancer Medicine)!!
I suppose it was when I met all those sweet innocent little children from Kids Cancer Crusade and got to know then and their families so well, that it hit me...this could be me ...this could be my child!! I hate to see anyone suffer...much less an innocent little child. They are soo strong!! I suppose they themselves are quite the Idols for me!!

*How has being a nurse influenced you and your organization?

It has helped me in the sense that I know where to go and what to look for when people have questions about certain things. I knew exactly what I wanted to put on the site information wise because as a Nurse...these are the questions parents come to us with!

*What resources are available to parents that have a child with cancer?
OMG!! there are so many resources from hospitals to books to brochures to websites and an endless amount of support groups!
You can go almost anywhere on the web and find what you need information wise!!
My favorite and most knowledgeable sources that ACTUALLY DO give their funding to Childhood Cancer Reseach are St. Jude Children Hospital and Curesearch...these are featured on my site!!

*Do you know if there any new treatments that are available that parents should be aware of?
There are always new treatments out there ,but beware that new treatments also come with unknown reactions. I have a page on my site that goes over this thourouhly. It is so exciting and encouraging to a parent when they hear of new discoveries, but you must be aware of what you are doing to your children at the same time!!

*What types of cancer do children generally develop as opposed to adults?

The types of cancers that occur in children vary greatly from those seen in adults. They tend to occur in different parts of the body, they look different under the microscope and they respond differently to treatment. Cure rates for children are much higher than for most adult cancers and more than 70% of all children can now be completely cured.

Leukemias, brain and other nervous system tumours, lymphomas (lymph node cancers), bone cancers, soft tissue sarcomas, kidney cancers, eye cancers, and adrenal gland cancers are the most common cancers of children, while skin, prostate, breast, lung, and colorectal cancers are the most common in adults.

The stage of growth and development is another important difference between adults and children; the immaturity of children's organ systems often has important treatment implications.

*Where do children with cancer go for treatment?

There are tx. centers all over the country and in just about every state!! I myself prefer that if you are going to choose a Hospital you go to St. Jude's children's Hospital or Cure Search! Again this is due to the fact that they do fund childhood cancer research!!

*Childhood Cancer has been on the rise the past decade, what are your thoughts on the cause of the unusual rise?

Well, in my opinion it is the rise in industrial plants and definitely here in Louisiana that is the case.
There is also so many new products out now that we really don't know that much about but we use them any ways. I would and am personally going back to the old ways of thinking. I am going ALL ORGANIC!! Too scared for my family to do anything less!! I love them too much!

*It’s hard to know what to say when a family member let alone a child is first told they have cancer.........what advice can you give to family and friends who want to help?

Ahh, that is a good question ...but as always the best answer is to listen and let them do the talking and always be there for them. Even if ur just in the room with them...that is enough..if they want to cry...just rub there back and console them that way. If they want to talk be there to listen and comfort and always encourage....nver under any circumstances give them a reason to stop hoping!!!!! HOPE is the reason we live!!!

*What is the best advice you can give to people who would like to start their own Charitable website/organization?
be takes time and lots of research and dedication. I really did this all on my own.... Noone helped me. Noone wanted to help. You see as much as it sounds like people would want to help in such a situation.....not many people stop and actually take the time to put the effort into helping other human beings!!

*Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your wonderful there anything else you would like to add?
Take time to enjoy life and enjoy children!! They are our future...don't we want our future to be BRIGHTER!!!???
Love you guys always,

Special thanks to you Dawn for taking the time to share your story with us!

Please feel free to contact Dawn about how you can get involved or share your own story and thoughts!

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