Saturday, September 13, 2008

In the Begining there Were Cupcakes!

I am a self described baking addict and lover of all thing I combined the two! I make specialty cupcakes and vintage and retro inspired aprons. I figure why not look cute while you bake? Although my aprons are not always worn in the kitchen......I will save that for a later post!

Check out my website:

But enough about me, let talk about you!
I have created this blog for like minded people who share similar interests.....not just about cupcakes or aprons but for all things vintage, retro and anything creative. I will feature my favorite things along with my own creations. So feel free to contact me about what you do, what you like or just to tell us what you think! I will be doing interviews as well so if I pick you for a feature I will ask you intellectual questions about you and the world we live in.......and of course I will have to know what your favorite kind of cupcake is!

Thank you to all the people who have helped spread the word about Cupcake Provocateur`

Lets blog baby!