Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Aprons

Hey everyone...check out the four new aprons that we just added to the website!

From the Back & Pink Collection:

The Betty Apron - To Cute to Cook

The Betty Apron - Cherry Blossom

The Betty Apron - CP Ink

The Cindy Apron - Glitter Skull

I also wanted to thank everyone who has voted for our apron giveaway featured by The Apronista Blog! Keep those comments coming!




My Love is..... said...

WOW.... everything looks so rocking good I hardly know where to look first. Keep up the great work.

Cupcake Provocateur said...

Thank you!! There is more coming soon.... a new line of Boys & Mens aprons and of course the holidays are coming.

P.S....Love your blog!

Rebecca said...

OMG! Those are all so cute! You do such fantastic work!!

Le Core Femme said...

Love 'em!
They are all so caaaute!


alisa said...

awesome aprons!Didn't know anyone else making aprons that sexy. You rock!- Alisa@Foodista