Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Cupcake Provocateur Cookie Exchange

Time for our first annual cookie exchange, of course cupcakes are always optional. We figure cookies are the easiest way to ship some holiday cheer to your secret Santa!
Model: Ludella Hahn - Photo: TK Expressions

Secret Santas will be randomly paired on December 17th and notified via email with each other's info (emails will be not be given to any other person other than your secret Santa)


*Email us the address you would like your cookies shipped to (

*Publicly join our blog here and leave a comment on this Giveaway post stating what your favorite Holiday Cookie is

* Indicate in your email if you would like to participate with USA residents only or USA and International residents

*Min quantity to be mailed to your secret Santa is 2 dozen cookies

*kindly ship your cookies to your secret Santa on or before December 20th

* USPS Priority mail is required as the items being shipped are food

 Last but not least we wish you and yours a very Merry and Sweet Christmas and New Year :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SassyNpunk Jewelry Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!!! Tis the season to be cheerful! I thought I would get a head start and share some Holiday Treats with you! Below are separate posts of Giveaways we are apart of, as well as featuring this Month! Be sure to read the rules of entry for each one.

Giveaway #1

Enter to win a custom Cupcake Provocateur Necklace and Gift card from SassyNpunk!!!

Miss Leyla is the creator and designer of SassyNpunk..... her creations are as sweet as she is! Leyla's signature retro Kawaii jewelry help people enjoy the lighter side of life with one sweet treat at a time!

MANDATORY ENTRY (we kindly ask to abide by the rules as this is how we keep track for future giveaways):

1. leave a comment below telling us why you would like to win and your favorite item from 
 SassyNpunk's website
 3. Subsribe to our blog publicly
 4. Add us on Facebook or Twitter
5. Add SassyNpunk on Facebook

Giveaway starts November 16th, 2010 and  expires November 30th. 2010

Flirty Apron Swap Giveaway

 Giveaway #2  Deadline to enter- November 22,2010

Shawnee of Flirty Apron Swap is a lover of all aprons and an all around sweet gal! Shawnee and I have teamed up to giveaway the below kitchen set and gift card worth $25.00 towards a Cupcake Provocateur apron of your liking! 

Kindly follow Flirty Apron Swap's rules to enter below

HOW TO ENTER (leave separate comments for each):

Visit Cupcake provocateur Blog and Follow Publicly with Google Friend Connect (she will check before announcing winners)

One extra entry for being a participant in her swap

One extra entry for sharing this giveaway on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter (max 1 tweet per day)

Two extra entries for adding Cupcake Provocateur and Flirty Apron Swap to your list of daily blog readings (blog link list)

For five extra entries into the drawing create a blog post about this giveaway, leaving your permalink in your comment. Be sure to mention this in your entry.

DEADLINE TO ENTER: midnight November 22, 2010

Babes Rockin Mami Giveaway!

Giveaway #3

Babes Rockin Mami

Stephanie of Babes Rockin Mami and I have teamed up for you guessed it another giveaway! And you bet ya she has a rad blog herself... self described as "a rock mama, a loving wife, a makeup fanatic and tree hugger" you just know she has some interesting musings and happenings up her sleeve and you know our zebra kitchen gift set is perfect for one of her lucky readers to win... oh and did I mention a $25.00 giftcard towards your very own Cupcake Provocateur Apron!

Kindly follow Babes Rockin Mami's rules to enter below


Visit Cupcake Provocateur and leave her a link of something that you would like and follow this blog publicly via GFC!

Like Cupcake Provocateur on facebook and tell them Stephanie sent you!

Like Steph’s Rockin’ Bakery on facebook

Follow Mami on twitter

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Email subscribe to Mami's blog +5 (make sure to confirm!)

Tell us why you want to win, leave cooment on both Mami's and Cupvcake Provocateur!

This giveaway will run from now until 12/5 at 5pm EST


Broken Teepee Giveaway!

Giveaway # 4

Patty of Broken Teepee is a conosure of sorts when it comes to introducing new products and sharing real deal reviews with her readers! I am Happy to be apart of this Giveaway as she has given us her stamp of approval! And don't you know some lucky reader will be winning the below kitchen set and a $25.00 Gift Card towards a Cupcake Provocateur apron of their choice!
US only


Follow the Cupcake Provocateur Blog. Be sure to leave me your email address so I can contact you if you win.


1. Follow my blog publicly. If you already follow, just say so. And thank you.
2. Follow me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway(one per day) - @BrokenTeepee and Cupcake Provocateur are brightening up your kitchen @ #giveaway
3. If you are my Friend me on Facebook -  leave two comments 


All entries need to be in by 9PM MST on December 9th when I will go to to choose the winner. He/she will have 48hrs to respond or I will choose a new winner.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cupcake Provocateur and Natalie of Bake and Destroy Team up for a Very Unique Giveaway!!!!!

I have to say Fall is one of my most creative Season's... this is the time when the leaves turn shades of deep rust & golden brown hues, and the air is filled with scents of candy corn and pumpkin spice. These are all the things that make my brain come alive with ideas and this Fall is no exception! Natalie of Bake And Destroy and I have put our brains together to come up with a truly unique idea for a giveaway!

Do you happen to be an apron fiend or dare I say apron addict? Well this is the perfect giveaway for you or someone you know...... how about a custom designed apron made just for you by me!!? Well it can happen, one lucky winner will have their dream apron come alive... so whether it be sketched via pen and paper or by a digital college makes no matter.... show us your designs with a little story attached of what your design means to you!

To enter simply click the link to Bake And Destroys Blog here and check out the rules to enter the giveaway!

Natalie explains how the giveaway works

Win a Custom Cupcake Provocateur Apron! from Natalie Slater on Vimeo.

Good Luck Cupcakes!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interview with America's Sweethart Jenny Cross!

Not to long ago, I was watching the Food Network as I always do and I came across a new show called "America's Worst Cooks". Not one for Reality shows even of the Food Variety, something made or should I say "someone" made me stop and take notice. This person was Jenny Cross, she stood out like a diamond in the rough. Amongst the chaos of competing she looked like a pinup queen of an era gone by, however she might knock your lights out if you piss her off, but at least she'll do it in a cocktail dress and a wink in her eye! She was the sole reason I watched the show, every week I would keep my fingers crossed that she would make it to the next round. Though Jenny did not win the competition, she did however win the hearts of many viewers. Jenny has shown that when life hands you lemons, you throw them right back! Jenny is an inspiration to all girls that think their dreams are unattainable, she proves that if your passion is strong enough that nothing can stand in your way. 
When Jenny and I got in touch with each other, it was an instant connection of two gals that have a passion for food and all things vintage and allot of humor thrown in for good measure, with that combination how can you go wrong! 
It is with great pleasure, that I am announcing Jenny Cross as our official Cupcake Provocateur Spokesmodel! Below are images from our photo shoot with Jenny modeling our aprons and cupcakes, last month at Sweet Mama's Kitchen in Northport, NY (little fact, they have the best stuffed French Toast)! With special thanks to Melanie of for the wonderful photos. 
So lets get to know Jenny a little better and welcome her the the Cupcake Provocateur family........ 
Jenny Modeling The Betty Apron - Leopard Lounge

Jenny Cross Short Bio:
  The last moment I was ever seen on TV, I was sobbing over not winning Food

Network's "Worst Cooks in America. That was me not too long ago, but the sad
pinup you once saw is just a distant memory. When it was announced, I felt
as if my entire world crumbled, that something that I had worked so hard for
was taken from me in a split second. But, something happened when Worst
Cooks  aired, that took me completely by surprise. It was no secret that I
came from a troubled past, and even on the show I wasn't in a stable place.
I was expecting viewers to see that and dislike me, but what America saw was
a young girl that was driven to give herself better by chasing her dream. I
had failed to realize that even though I didn't win, I still learned so much
about cooking, and had been given the opportunity of a lifetime. I began to
learn about the restaurant industry hands on by working in various kitchens
then, going into business for myself as a Personal Chef/Caterer. One of the
unique abilities I've learned is to take a meal that would typically be
considered "junk food" and by substituting a few ingredients, I'd serve a
health conscious meal while keeping all the flavor. While I support a
healthy lifestyle, cooking with restrictions..... isn't really my style.
Although I look great in a chef coat, my hair flowers and fishnets were
collecting dust.  This is why I am so honored to announce that I, Jenny
Cross, will be Cupcake Provocateurs spokesmodel. Cupcake Provocateur and
myself, are a match made in retro glam heaven! With the adorable aprons,
delicious cupcakes, and an arsonal of housewares that would make any chore
fabulous, I cannot be prouder to represent such a wonderful company. Cynthia
Lagudi, has captured everything I love about the traditional 50's housewife,
and created an ideal way to bring those values back into the everyday lives
of modern women with her Pinup couture. Not only have I personally worn them
for cooking and non cooking purposes...but I find myself truly enjoying the
experience of just wearing the flirty aprons. With the strings tied in the
perfect bow, and a fresh coat of red lipstick, I'm in the kitchen cooking up
my next culinary triumph.I will be featured at many different events serving
up all my favorite comfort food and proving that I'm NOT the worst cook

anymore in Cupcake Provocateur's sassy aprons.
Food Network Press Shot

How has life changed since the airing of America?s Worst Cooks?
Since the show, my life has been a quick u turn for the better! I vowed to 

myself (even though I didn't win) that I would never carry a tray again, so I 
began working as a chef in different restaurants around Philly to learn more 
about the culinary industry. Soon I learned that maybe a restaurant chef 
wasn't the best option because I really wanted to explore my own talents. I 
wanted to see what I can do as well as experience what diners feel when they 
taste my cooking. Being that I had so many family,friends, and fans wanting 
me to prove that I wasn't a worst cook anymore, I decided to start charging! 
Then I went into business working as a personal chef/caterer to not just 
only bring some tasty food, but a rockin good time as well! I developed an 
eclectic mix of clientele, one being the owner of a prestigious antique shop 
in Philadelphia. I absolutely loved working for the family as well as in the 
antique shop. I just loved being around so many beautiful pieces of art and 
history. With my love of all things vintage and my strong work ethic, the 
owner gave me full control over his 2nd store called The Annex. Not only do 
I sell antiques, but I sell vintage clothing, jewelry, hats, and furniture, 
that I've personally picked out. Even though I manage the store, I still 
cook, and soon I will be selling Pirate Jenny junk food out of the store as 

What was the most important thing you learned about yourself during and 

since the show?
That's a GOOD question! Before the show aired, I thought I was going to be 

the most HATED cast member. The one that everyone wanted to vote off haha! 
Afterwards I saw that I had the most unexpected fans like, a soccer mom and 
her teen princess daughter. Now, here I am, tattooed, rockabilly,rebel type 
young girl, aka any mother's worst nightmare, and I have the soon to be prom 
queen and her mother gushing to me that I'm their favorite person from the 
show. It really amazed me the fact that viewers saw past my look, and saw 
someone who would do anything to pursue her dreams. I never thought people 
saw that in me, nor did I even realize that in myself. I learned that people 
DO see that there is allot more to me than the way I look, and I needed to 
truly give myself credit for that. Truly learning that looking a certain way 
doesn't make you what you are on the inside, but its what you do in this 
life and always putting your best foot forward. When I realized that my 
image, was just that, I started to feel a lot more confident about myself 
and my own talents in the kitchen. If I can rock a pompadour and fishnets 
while making a chocolate torte for the social elite of Philadelphia, and 
have them praise me for it, then there's nothing stopping me from cooking 
for the queen of England! I'm proud of the fact that I am an individual, and 
that all types of people praise me for what I can do. I just so happen to do 
it with style! 


One thing I admire about you the most, is your strength to prevail through 
some tough situations, just like a modern day Cinderella.... How do you stay 
so strong and what advice can you give to girls and women who are currently 

trying to reach their goals?
You pegged me completely on that one! Like Langsthon Hughes once said "Life 

ain't been no crystal stair", it has been very much that way for me. I've 
had a rough past and it continued to be rocky up until the show aired. I've 
always identified myself very much with Cinderella, growing up and 
currently. I look at the opportunity that Worst Cooks gave me as almost my 
fairy godmother casting a temporary magic spell, and now I had to find a way 
to make my dreams come true. I had all the skills I needed, all I needed to 
do was realize that my goals were allot closer than I imagined. Now 
opportunities like this doesn't happen to everyone, but I stayed true to 
myself and what I wanted. The fire I had to win couldn't compare to the 
blazing inferno I had to learning everything I could about cooking. The 
burning desire to be a the best chef I can be, has kept me strong Believing 
in yourself, and always doing your best, is what helped me move away from my 
past and on to my future success. I am still working very hard to be the 
next Julia Childs, but I don't forget who I am and where I came from. The 
name, Pirate Jenny is actually, a song from the Three Penny opera, about a 
pirate queen turned Inn slave, that ends up showing her captors what she 
REALLY can do after years of neglect. Kind of like a darker Cinderella, kind 
of! I'm not what you expect when you think of Cinderella, but more 
of a Pirate Jenny! HAHA! Just a little saltier than the blonde haired sugary 
No matter what life throws at me, I always keep a smile on my face and try 
my hardest, because when everything's said and done, if the worst thing 
people can say is "I don't like her hair", then you're doing pretty good! 

Food Network Press Shot
I heard through the grapevine that you have always had a desire too become a 

professional chef, what are your current goals and happenings for the future 

Chef Jenny? 
Hmmm.... professional sounds a little serious to me and I don't think its 

my flavor. I've never wanted to be a master chef, or earn a Michelin Star, 
but to truly be an artist with food. The reason I want to be a chef more 
than anything is because food is art for all of your senses. Its easy to 
remember the last best meal you've ever eaten not only for the taste, but 
for the memory it gave you. Same thing goes for a bad meal as well. Good or, 
bad, food makes you feel, its one of the strongest senses of memory that we 
have. I find that the food I enjoy making the most is homestyle classics 
with a modern twist. Taking the junk food and family dinners that we all 
loved as children and creating your wildest food fantasy! If you're going to 
chow down on junk food, it'd better be worth it! So by taking the best 
ingredients to make the most delicious snack food and allowing the diner to 
make it EXACTLY what they're craving but only could make in solitude. I want 
my food to reflect who I am as a person; unique,bold and a glimpse into a 
time once passed. The culmination of everything that I love about cooking 
and food is reflected in "Pirate Jenny's Pogey Bait and Home Cookin". 
Unusual comfort food that you can customize or have catered to your event. I 
plan to have the website with menus to place orders soon, but still a few 
more bugs to work out. If you can't wait to try Pirate Jenny's, I will be at 
food events handing out samples and featuring the menu along with my 

personal chef services.
Jenny serving Cupcake Provocateur cupcakes to real customers :)
We all know Jenny Cross is sugar and spice and everything nice but lets dig 

deeper....If Jenny Cross was a recipe...what ingredients would be used to 

make her? 
I want to say piss and vinegar but, that's not very nice. I would say 

that I'm all the aspects of a deep fried Snickers. I would say I'm 
sweet,decadent, and romantic like the chocolate on the outside. But, once 
you take a bite you get the salty,hard crunch of the peanuts thats bonded by 
the tough chewiness of the caramel but with a soft nougat center. Great by 
itself, but being that I have to push everything almost to the point of 
ridiculous, it needs to be dunked in a heavy batter and cooked in fat. Kind 
of like how I wrap myself in leopard print faux fur with my teased up hair 
and looking just trashy enough to be intriguing. I'm like a familiar guilty 
pleasure but a guilty pleasure is still a pleasure. Once the batter crisps, 
all those ingredients come together in such a spectacular way that you can't 
believe you're liking something this bad so much. Such as myself, on sight 
you may expect the worst, but give me a chance and you'll end up liking more 
than you realized. 

Jenny wearing The Artisan Chef Apron - Sugar Skulls
If we were able to read your planner... what is an average day like for 

Jenny Cross?
Average day? What?s that? HAHA! Not in my vocabulary!
Who or what inspires you the most?
It may sound harsh but, my biggest inspiration is all the people who said I 

would never work in the culinary industry and proving them wrong. Everyone 
who underestimates my determination, and tries to bring me down, only 
inspires me to try harder. "Live to Fight" is tattooed on my arm for a GOOD 


Tell us a little something that people may not know about you?
Something you may not know was that I was a Girl Scout for 10 years! I often 

ask myself, "where did it all go wrong?" HAHA!

Thank you for taking the time to Interview with me and becoming the Cupcake 

Provocateur Ambassador :)......., any last words?
Like Carey Grant said " I think this is the start of a beautiful 

friendship". I can't wait to see what we're going to create together being 

it in the form of success,sweets, or smiles! XOXO 
Thanks again Jenny, you are a truly special person and just like an m&m you may have a hard candy shell but your nothing but sweet on the inside! May you always have continued success and happiness!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Interactive Apron Giveaway!!!!

Julia of The Apron Goddesses Blog Modeling our Cindy Apron - Farmhouse Rooster

The lovely Julia of The Apron Goddesses Blog have once again teamed up to bring to you a very interactive giveaway... how do you mean you say? Well not only does the winner get to choose any apron from our website, you can also enter twice by adding our blog and The Apron Goddesses blog to your list of daily blog reading. Already a member of our blogs, no worries that just means you will have an automatic second entry, but you must leave a comment on The Apron Goddesses page to be eligible to win now till Sept. 9th.

P.S. There are some more ways in to gain bonus points towards the giveaway below:

Rules to enter - via The Apron Goddesses Blog:

Now to enter this giveaway you need to hop over to The Cupcake Provocateur and browse the apron selection. Come back here to TAG and make a comment about the hostess apron that you would like to win. That will give you one entry into the giveaway.

You can gain one more entry if you join up or already follow The Cupcake Provocateur Blog!

For five extra entries into the drawing create a blog post about this giveaway, leaving your permalink in your comment. Be sure to mention this in your entry.

And for 10 extra, bonus chances at winning send in a picture of you or a family member wearing an apron and a few words about you and your apron. Give me the dirt! Leave a comment that you are sending in a photograph too! (Contact is above) No headless apron wearers please!! We will write up your "apron-ography" in the weeks to come.

The Rules are from The Apron Goddesses Blog, Please leave a comment to her post to enter the giveaway.... but please leave a comment here as well... they wont count towards the entry but they will make me happy :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fashion Fights Cancer


We invite you to come help and support a very important Cause this evening.

Now you don't have to feel bad for doing a little shopping!! Fashion Fights Cancer are holding their annual fashion show and sample sale from some of the top designers in the industry, proceeds from the event benefit the I’m Too Young for This! Cancer Foundation and The Cancer Research Institute, which are incredibly important organizations. Cupcake Provocateur will be on hand providing our yummy cupcakes for the event!

To purchase tickets please visit the Fashion Fights Cancer Blog