Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Cupcake Provocateur Cookie Exchange

Time for our first annual cookie exchange, of course cupcakes are always optional. We figure cookies are the easiest way to ship some holiday cheer to your secret Santa!
Model: Ludella Hahn - Photo: TK Expressions

Secret Santas will be randomly paired on December 17th and notified via email with each other's info (emails will be not be given to any other person other than your secret Santa)


*Email us the address you would like your cookies shipped to (

*Publicly join our blog here and leave a comment on this Giveaway post stating what your favorite Holiday Cookie is

* Indicate in your email if you would like to participate with USA residents only or USA and International residents

*Min quantity to be mailed to your secret Santa is 2 dozen cookies

*kindly ship your cookies to your secret Santa on or before December 20th

* USPS Priority mail is required as the items being shipped are food

 Last but not least we wish you and yours a very Merry and Sweet Christmas and New Year :)


Erin said...

My fav cookie is Chocolate Peanut Butter - a chocolate base with Reese's peanut butter chips. Insanely delicious : )

Pricilla said...

My favorite cookie is snickerdoodles.
Thanks. This sounds like fun.

*angie cupcake* said...

My favorite holiday cookie is chocolate chips with LOTS of chocolate chips! :)

Cupcake Provocateur said...

Yes we are participating too :)

A favorite of mine are soft German Gingerbread Cookies... any one who can make theses are aces in my book!

Kiti Kobain said...

I love the ones with the kisses in the center and I love Sugar cookies

I HATE Cinnamon =D

Kiti Kobain

Bicycle Jane said...

Does Vegan Biscotti count? If not I would have to say Chocolate Peanut Butter - my hubby is making me write this.

I am so participating! said...

My favorite is the Magic cookie bar!
Graham cracker crumble bottom, drenched in sweet condense milk, drizzled with melted butter smothered in coconut, walnuts and valhrona chocolate pieces! It's to DIE for!

I decided to join also =)

Ho! Ho1 Ho!

lorijo2003 said...

I have such a hard time picking ONE favorite...I love gooey butter cookies, and anything chocolate. I love cookies!