Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get To Know Cherry Lane

Model of the week 01/23/2010
Model: Cherry Lane - Photography: Lone Star Pin-up 

  • likes: Puppies
  • dislikes: Liars
  • music: ELVIS...is there any other?
  • books: The Scary Stuff
  • occupation: Model & Mom
  • role model: My Grandmother
  • quote: Ginger Rogers did everything I did but she did it backwards and in heels!
  • something surprising: I believe in Aliens!
  • special talents: LOL I can put my legs behind my head!
  • 3 words:  I LOVE VINTAGE
  • why you love modeling for Cupcake Provocateur: Cupcake Provocateur Makes Original Aprons! No knock offs here! Plus they are FAB! Who wouldn't!
  • Where can you be found: All American Pinups, Cherry Lane

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