Monday, February 21, 2011

Get To Know Dinah Deville

* likes: big hair, big dogs, big heels,lime green, burnouts, tattoos and thigh-highs with back-seams
* dislikes: repetitious noises, jealousy, laziness and spiders
* music: The Cramps, Morbid Angel, Dick Dale, Motorhead and Loud Pipes will sum it up! Eclectic!
* books: The Scarlett Letter, The Wreck of "The Essex", The Heart of a Dog
* occupation: Pin-up/Alt Model/ Burlesque Performer/Bouncer
* aspiring to be: on time... and a tattooist
* role model: Hester Prynne
* quote: "hey, a cupcakes gotta have its frosting!" -me
* something surprising: I am a total cry-baby! Seriously
* Special Talents: ballet, costume design/construction, welding and running and dancing in super high heels
* 3 words: vivacious, empathetic and driven
* Why you love modeling for Cupcake Provocateur: (shameless plug..hehe) The designs and styles are to die for, its like a grown-up, dress-up dream to model such preciousness! Plus, doing anything in a gorgeous apron is simply more glamourous. Any household chores, from baking to oil changes,all need to get done so wouldn't you rather feel like a babe while you're at it? I most certainly prefer it that way!
* Where can you be found:  

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