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Mommy Mogul Monday - Lil Cupcake Girls Interview

As a Mother it takes allot just to maintain the everyday important things in life, such as: housework, career, "SANITY" and most of all keeping the hubby and kiddos happy!

It is with this in mind we are starting "Mommy Mogul Monday"! There are allot of powerhouse Mommy's out there, that deserve a little recognition.  Lisette Maestre is the "Mommy Mogul" behind twins Natalia and Gabriela of Lil Cupcake Girls who have gained much recent recognition by branding the cuteness out of themselves with their cupcake business, but have gained even more interest by the philanthropy work they have done with sponsors Williams-Sonoma for charity Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry.  Oh and did I mention Natalia and Gabriela are only 7 years old?! It is clear to me that these little girls are very special with a bright future ahead of them. So lets get to know these little cupcake wonders and the Mommy behind them!

Lil Cupcake Girls

 Mommy Questions:

Q: At what point did you notice that baking was more than just a hobby for the girls?

A: When the girls were 6 Gaby asked me if I could help her start baking cupcakes to give to give to friends and family. Shortly after the girls began to bake cupcakes and give them away they soon began to get orders from friends and family and that's where it all began. The girls started to get birthday party cupcake orders, baby showers and they even did a wedding this past summer. Once I saw that their cupcakes were being requested on a regular basis I realized this was more than just a hobby at this point and something we began to take a little more serious as a business. It truly began to evolve into a small business without us planning to go in that direction.

Q:How do you keep the balance between personal life and the budding career of your girls?
A: The girls have a very normal life with school, friends, family and dance. During the week the girls don't do baking. Occasionally they may do some cupcakes during the week but they're usually for themselves or they want to bring some to their teachers but there not orders. I really don't want the girls to do too much during the week because I don't want it to interfere with their personal life and simply I just want them to be kids.

Q:As a Mother you must be very proud of the girls and all of their recent accomplishments, what has been your proudest Mommy moment so far?
A: There have been several but most recently I feel I experienced my proudest Mommy moment when I was watching my girls at William Sonoma in Winter Park doing a demo at the age of 8 with a Food Network Star Emily Ellyn all for the charity they support No Kid Hungry. To see Gabriela our master baker do everything on her own and Natalia manage their cupcake sales just made me feel like...Wow my babies are special :)

Q:What would advice would you give Mommy Moguls out there who are looking to encourage their children interests into a possible business?
A: I believe that if you have a child who expresses interest in something and you see they have a true talent do everything you can to get them exposure. Whatever the interest is try to get involved in events and activities that will connect you with people in the industry. When you feel you're ready to take it to the next consider participating in a convention. This year I signed up the girls for the Southern Women's Show where they were featured on the website and that gave them a lot of exposure which has helped them get noticed. It's a journey we're on but through it all the girls are having fun and I'm able to work closely with them which makes our relationship even closer and more special.

Lil Cupcake Girls:

Natalia and Gas

Q: When did the both of you become interested in baking?
A: We were 3 yrs old when we started baking.

Q:It is very ambitious even for us adults to start a business from scratch, what inspired the both of you to start your very own cupcake business?
A: Natalia - We love baking and love it even more when we can sell our cupcakes to raise money for a charity we love No Kid Hungry.
Gabriela - Baking is a passion of mine and I asked my mom to help me bake cupcakes for fun and little by little it became a business.

Q: The both of you are very busy young ladies, how do the both of you balance school, home and Lil Cupcake Girls?
A: Natalia - we feel it's very easy because we really only bake on the weekends and during the week I go to school, tutoring and Girls Scout. 
Gabriela - we really don't bake during the week only on the weekends. During the week I just go to school, dance and Girl Scouts. 

Q: What inspires you to create your yummy confections?
A: Gabriela - My tummy inspires me to create yummy cupcakes.
Natalia - some of the holidays inspire me to try new favors and experiment. 

Natalia and Gabriela with Chef Emily Ellyn. All wearing their very own custom aprons by Cupcake Provocateur

Q: What advice would you give other kids out there who would like to start their own business?
A: Gabriela - If you have a dream, go for it and make it real. You're never too young to make your dreams come true.
Natalia - I would like to encourage other children by sharing my story.

Q: What is the most exciting/notable thing that has happened to Lil Cupcake Girls since starting your business?
A: Gabriela - When we got to do a demo at William Sonoma with Emily Ellyn and meeting Kevin Harrington from the Shark Tank at The Southern Women's Show.
Natalia - my most exciting moment was when we were in The Southern Women's Show where we were able to show the community what we do.

Q: 3 words that best describe yourselves?
A: Gabriela - Inspirational, cute, and creative
Natalia - Kind, intelligent, and creative

Q: Where can we find Lil Cupcake Girls?
Facebook page: Lil CupCake Girls
Twitter: @Lilcupcakegirl1
Instagram: #Lil Cupcake Girls

Q: Last but not least and very possibly the most important question of all, what is your most favorite  type of cupcake?
A: Natalia - our Nutella Cupcakes
Gabriela - our Red Velvet

Interview by: Cynthia Lagudi

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